Door painted for @wallerygallery and @bovalls.


Posted @withrepost • @wallerygallery EXHIBITION Sneak peak of one of the doors from @bovalls we’ll exhibit tomorrow at our exhibition Graffiti <3 Design, can you guess the artist behind this masterpiece? 😉 The winner gets eternal pride and glory. The exhibition opens today wednesday 15.00-19.00 and lasts throughout the week. Come say hi and check out the doors, carpets made by @0llio and exquisite furniture made by @planbdesigners


There’s a print of this painting available to buy at @projet.saato @undergroundeffect_ #wasaa #wasaaprints #undergroundeffect #undergroundeffect5 #parisladefense #projetsaato


I’ll be in Paris for the Underhround Effect painting festival next week! @projet.saato @undergroundeffect_ #wasaa #wasaaprints #undergroundeffect #undergroundeffect5 #parisladefense #projetsaato#hugeart


I think that the Mural festival in Nacka @wallstreetnacka is getting to much negative critic right now. It’s a good thing this is happening and I really hope this can develope in more public art in Stockholm. There are some really nice productions going on here with @bkfoxx @amarapordios @okudart @farid_rueda for example. The only thing I’ve found strange is the restricted terms that was given the artists to participate in the festival. But this is such a new thing here and they will hopefully listen and learn. And they’ll need more people like @thegraffagency behind them.


Throwback thursday. Some old paintings done with spraycans. #letterbasedart#danielfahlström


On the Swedish news channel today! The reason that I was’nt selected to participate in the painting festival @wallstreetnacka in my own town is that my art is based on ”letters”!🤭 #onlyinsweden#fearoftheletter


Tbt a couple of years ago. Painted a tribute to @vaughnbodeofficial and @markbodeofficial


Got together with my wife 21 years ago today! Celebrating on Menorca today!❤️ @mariaanita79


Comission piece. Spraypaint on canvas.